Osaka 26th,2021

Entraavathu Oru Naal is a poignant tale of the simple lives of people in the rural regions of India and their beautifully harmonious relationship with cattle.


In his debut feature Director Vetri Duraisamy weaves a tale in the backdrop of cattle forming an integral part of the human existence and the displacement that globalisation has brought about.

We proudly announce that #Entraavathu Oru Naal has been nominated for critically acclaimed film of the year.

Actor Vidharth

It tells the true tale of water scarcity, child labour and the challenges of simple existence for the people hoping for a better future. An unpredictable touching story filled with twists and turns about one loving family’s struggle to survive, in the unforgiving, yet beautiful Tamilnadu countryside by Director Vetri Duraisamy.


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